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03-28-23 Breaking Down our Relationship with Money with Dr. Morgan Anderson

Today I am sharing my conversation with clinical psychologist and relationship coach, Dr. Morgan Anderson. Dr. Morgan knows how to keep it real while helping to empower women to take an honest look at their relationships – of all kinds, including their relationship with money. She helps women to re-discover their self-worth and find peace, which is why we’re so aligned and why I was so excited to talk to her.

Dr. Morgan Anderson is a clinical psychologist, attachment theory expert and host of the ‘Lets Get Vulnerable’ podcast. She is the creator of the Empowered.Secure.Loved relationship method which has helped hundreds of women heal their hearts, and find love. Her mission to help women break the toxic dating cycle, raise their self-worth and attract the healthy relationship they’ve always wanted.

In our conversation we talk about:
-Attachment theory and the different attachment styles
-what secure attachment looks like with our relationship with money (hint: our worth is separate from our money)
-shame vs. radical self-acceptance
-couples and money and so much more…

Where you can find more from Dr. Morgan:
Her website:
Her podcast , Let’s Get Vulnerable –

Her book, Love Magnet: find on amazon

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