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05-02-23 Launching Financial Grownups with Bobbi Rebell

Today I am sharing my conversation with Bobbi Rebell, Certified Financial Planner, author of the book ‘Launching Financial Grownups’ and founder of Financial Wellness Strategies.

Bobbi is a financial wellness advocate, the host of the Wellness for Financial Grownups podcast and the founder of Bobbi was previously a global business news anchor and personal finance columnist at Reuters and held various journalist positions at top news outlets including CNBC, CNN and PBS.

Bobbi’s book, Launching Financial Grownups is a call to action for parents of teenagers and young adults who want the best for their kids, but are beginning to realize their OWN financial independence, and financial separation from their children, has to become a priority as well. It is also a practical guide for how best to raise our children into financially responsible, independent young adults in our rapidly changing, increasingly competitive economy.

You can find Bobbi Rebell, CFP® at any of the links below:

Founder, Financial Wellness Strategies
Author of the book: Launching Financial Grownups
Host, Money Tips for Financial Grownups podcast – find it anywhere you listen to podcasts
Social media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

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