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belonging-to-life“Belonging to Life” offers an invitation into the rapture of being alive — the joy of belonging to a greater process and the deep healing of being present in our own lives. Mary O’Malley explores ways to cultivate this by sharing stories, ideas and techniques that invite us into this wondrous place that we knew when we were very young. For most of our existence we have lived in afterthoughts and projections, a dream laid over the magic, wonder and mystery of the living moment. What we truly desire is direct, intimate contact with life the moment that it appears out of Mystery, for this is the only place that is totally real, truly vibrant and completely alive. It holds all the love we dream of and is where we can again engage creatively with the awesome unfolding that is our lives. To know moments of opening out of fear and separateness into the fullness of life transforms our whole experience. We discover safety, joy, creativity, compassion for ourselves and others, and we rediscover the wholeness that we truly are and the greater process that we are part of.

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