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To Become a Living Art author Charlie SiegelNEW REVISED EDITION! With two new chapters added exploring the principles behind Daito Ryu!

Delve into the profound and empowering life of Roy Shingen Goldberg Sensei: a life encompassing the values of cultivating inner growth, self-discipline, and eternally striving to be the best version of oneself. His eventual success as the highest-ranking non-Japanese practitioner of the ancient samurai martial art of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu is only a part of his incredible life story.

As you read through from his humble beginnings in the 1950s to today, Roy’s sense of humor, relaxed storytelling, and infectiously invigorating inner drive will begin to feel like speaking with an old friend. Written by one of his private students and a bestselling author of multiple books, Charlie Siegel, this book is filled with Roy’s personal anecdotes and observations, and firsthand stories by Charlie and many of Roy’s other students, friends, and family.

Roy Goldberg shares his life story here as a means of expressing the message that we can all become our best selves when we set our minds on a path of greatness. As this book shares, life’s myriad experiences are not setbacks or roadblocks; they are merely steppingstones that make us stronger when we climb over them with a shugyo mentality.

“I have met Roy and I can honestly say I was impressed by him. I love the title of Charlie’s book, as it lets us know we can be works of art also. I realize how much Charlie’s book and Roy’s work can help us all become our true selves.

I feel I can write a book just commenting about the value of what Charlie’s words and Roy’s life and work can accomplish for us all. So read and learn. The book is about people and their potential. Let Charlie’s words and Roy’s work reparent you and help you to be reborn into a new physical life and understanding of your life.”

~ Bernie Siegel, MD
Retired pediatric surgeon, founder of ECaP, and NY Times Bestselling Author of 19 books on the mind-body connection

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