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Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich02-20-20 Awareness, Resilience and Self-Love

Diane talks about awareness, resilience and self-love on this episode.  She discusses the root cause of disease and illness briefly to emphasize the importance of tackling the emotional root in the moment of stress.  It is essential to create a sense of awareness for yourself in order to develop a self-loving supportive routine for yourself.  Through your awareness you can identify your triggers and emotional shifts to take action and shift those emotions and vibrations.  She talks about a stressful customer service experience and how she developed fatigue, pain and symptoms after the event.  She gives several strategies to relax and release negative emotions. Using your awareness and taking action in the moment will prevent accumulation of stress and reduce physical symptoms.  She also discusses how these strategies can be used to help your children relax and sleep deeper as well.  She talks about the 5-5-5 breathe and the self-love hug.  She also talks about shifting your emotions by getting silly and dancing in front of the mirror.  Creating a supportive routine for yourself will help you become more resilient and productive.  By becoming aware of your triggers and taking action in the moment you will achieve new thought and new feelings.  And these new feelings will help you take new actions and get better results.

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