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Frank Zaccari12-14-21 Business & Personal Secrets for Avoiding Relationship Landmines

Kat Kanavos interviews Business Expert Frank Zaccari on the success of his second book of a three book series titled Business & Personal Secrets for Avoiding Relationship Landmines. All relationships are complex. We want the fairy-tale ending, but landmines lurk at every turn. Is there a roadmap so we can avoid them?

In our post-COVID world, many of us have become entrepreneurs and our own CEO. One BIG Secret to success is understanding how your personal and professional life is a marriage and business contract.… that can be heaven or hell. Could our difficulties stem from not respecting that marriage? How do successful people avoid Life’s Landmines? What’s the Secret?

Guest: Frank Zaccari

Bio: Frank Zaccari- CEO and Sr. VP of 7 midsize and Fortune 50 companies, Speaker, Author, Business Advisor, TV Show Host -Frank Zaccari is a best-selling author who has written six books based on life-altering events. Business Secrets for Walking on Water is the first of a three-book series. An accomplished speaker, Frank teaches aspiring entrepreneurs at Arizona State University, is a mentor with the Veterans Treatment Court, and a mentor and judge with the University of California Entrepreneurship Academy. His International Voice America radio show, Life-Altering Events, recently moved to Roku TV and has 220,000 listeners in 42 countries. Frank’s wisdom is based on personal Success, not on a new fail-proof hypothesis or in-depth book-learning based on feel-good ideas rather than real-life experiences. Personal experience makes Business Secrets so magical and vital to an entrepreneur, business, employees, and managers. Learn more at

Teaser- After working from home during the covid epidemic, “workers” switched hats and became “entrepreneurs.” How do successful business people balance home, business success and avoid Personal Landmines? And how do successful people make it all look so easy? You decide as Frank Zaccari answers these questions with poignant true stories. During the show, we will learn the SECRETS for avoiding Personal and Professional Landmines and overcoming challenges for Success facing entrepreneurs worldwide. Frank will help you find inspiration for your business and personal life as you gain a deeper insight into the meaning of Success. Communication is so important. Avoid the communication Landmine.

See Kat Kanavos Interview @Frank Zaccari on Success Marriage of Work and Love. Real stories, & Business Secrets for Walking On Water. Frank will captivate you!  or FB Live  And Frank Zaccari’s Business Expert Panel

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