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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan09-25-23 Unmask Your Inner Voices with Annette de Lancey


Episode 33 of Look for the Good: Unmask Your Inner Voices!

Ever felt the weight of the silent stories echoing inside your mind, holding you back? This Monday, dive deep with our extraordinary guest, Annette de Lancey. She’s here to unveil the hidden narratives that might be barricading your path to success.

Discover transformative wisdom on how to:

  • Live with undeniable intention.
  • Ask yourself the right questions when life throws its curveballs.

Plus, uncover the touching secret on how to keep the essence of a beloved parent alive and thriving in today’s world.

Date: Monday, September 25th Time: 5am and 5pm EST Where? Only on Dreamvision 7 Radio Network!

Elevate your mindset and reframe your narrative! Don’t miss this enlightening episode.

Annette de LanceyBIO: Annette de Lancey, Career Entrepreneur and Manufacturer, successfully founded and is the CEO of CastCoverz! a 14-year-old, Made-in-the-USA, job-creating, tax-paying, rockin’ fun, global orthopedic soft-goods manufacturing and distribution company.  She is also the founder and CEO of She Makes Products where women product entrepreneurs get help to break through the 6-figure revenue barrier so they can grow and scale profitably and have fun doing it.  Ms. de Lancey struggled with manufacturing, sales, hiring, paying herself, turning a profit, and inventory in her early years at CastCoverz!  As she experienced, many women business owners have great difficulty getting over the 6-figure revenue barrier and don’t pay themselves what they are worth which forces them to either shut down their business or worse accept mediocre results as their path.   This is a tragedy Ms. de Lancey aims to reverse with her mission of saving 1,000 women product entrepreneurs from business failure or mediocrity.

Ms. de Lancey is also a mom to two cool young adult children and one daughter-in-law, is relishing her role as Nana to her 2-year old grandson, has a 1 year old puppy, and loves road trips and RVs…even going solo! Ms. de Lancey lives in sunny San Diego but is a proud Minnesotan.  For more info visit and

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