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09-25-19 Alchemy of Awakening Part 2

We continue with the Alchemy of Awakening retreat preparing the participants for 4 days of silence.

The only goal of any authentic spiritual path is to unify perception. To let go of the personal ego-self and remember our true Self. This has to be very practical it is not about using the right words talking about theory it has to be experienced. There has to be a strong desire to want to open up to our true nature. There has to be a strong desire to let go of all fearful and guilty thoughts because these thoughts are not real they are simply beliefs which are not true.

Entering into silence is the perfect opportunity to simply watch the thoughts arise and to see how false they are. This too can bring up a lot of fear. Some questions are put forward from the participants as to what should they do in the silence? How do I be in the silence? This brings up topics, of trust, inner guidance, feelings of wrongness, wrongdoing and analyzing ourselves.

As we reel back our projections and go deeper into forgiveness our real loving thoughts emerge. They were always there we just needed to experience that for ourselves.

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