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Bettina “Sparkles” Obernuefemann07-06-21 Acknowledging your old Childhood Hurts will Open the Door to a Better Life

Episode #1:  You were attracted to my banner for a reason. I am so glad you were. You see, I used my Inner Child – IC – to heal most of my PTSD and you can, too. If you are willing, you will take the first step onto a happier path in this lifetime.

Your IC operates on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. We will start having conversation with your “physical” little girl. Is she fearful about something? Soon you will discover her major problem, as for example, not feeling good enough about herself, anxious, angry-rage, depressed, helpless, or hopeless.

Are you ready to heal your IC?

Please bring a note pad and I will guide you to have a conversation with her. You, as the adult, will gently spend some encouraging time with her. Only one problem at a time will be discussed. The healing has begun!

Acknowledging your old childhood hurts will open the door to a better life.

During my 80 years journey on Mother Earth, I experienced World War II in Germany, an abusive mother, coming to America and working as a flight attendant. In the middle of the flying career, I experienced a child abuse “Recall”, was diagnosed and processed PTSD -Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – that led me unto a more spiritual path. My transformation included traditional therapy and spiritual practices. My 30 years of Inner Child (IC) work helped me the most.

When I found my self-worth, I knew I wanted to pass on the tools to younger ladies.

MY PASSION is to show you exactly “how” to start to heal.  You can let go of fears of the past.  i.e., feelings of not being good enough, chronic depression, high anxiety, hopeless, helpless, and more.

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