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02-12-20 A Pathway up the Mountain 

A Course in Miracles is part of the universal curriculum. It is one way up the mountain to Self realization. If we are to remember our true Self we must give our mind over to the teachings, like an athlete we must give our whole being over to the path to remember the love that we are. Like athletes we need to get into the zone, the present moment and lose sense of time and space and allow the Spirit to use us in the best possible way for awakening, to shower us with miracles to convince us that we are not these tiny bodies living a short life on earth. We need to put love out front, let that be our first assumption in everything we do. We need to put our relationships first and use them to pray and listen and follow to the Spirit’s direction, community really means communion with God a coming together for one purpose which serves the whole, it is a way of seeing that there are no differences what so ever that we are all perfect in the mind of God.

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