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08-09-17  A Pathway of Humbleness

In this live talk from 2014, David shares his pathway to humbleness on his awakening journey. When we take our steps on our spiritual journey, we encounter our own ego and the meaningless thought system of separateness it would have us maintain. The undoing of this thought system requires only that we instead turn our attention to the Spirit within.

In the beginning, we may notice resistance to following this inner Guide, thinking we know better and thereby struggling to take instructions from a Wisdom greater than that of our intellect.  But as we move inward to a place of stillness, simplicity, and silence, we begin to experience a more humble way of being, and recognize how helpful this way of being actually is for our peace of mind. Learning to be truly helpful and say only what needs to be said in any given moment becomes our sole purpose. Infinite happiness is the inevitable result of such a humble way of being.

This recording of David Hoffmeister took place on Sept 2nd, 2014 at the Living Miracles

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