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01-31-18 A Compass for Self Growth

Gilda Arruda’s latest book, License to Live – 38 Steps To Your True Self

Gilda Arruda-A motivational speaker, and freelance writer Gilda Arruda has written a number of critically acclaimed books: Then Came Heaven, Twice Wronged, The Promise of Tomorrow, Amor Proibido-Forbidden Love, Dr. Irving Fradkin-Words to Ignite The American Dream: A Book Based on the Work of Dr. Irving Fradkin and Dollars for Scholars/Scholarship America. She also co-authored A Boy and his Music, a children’s book based on the life of Joseph Raposo, composer and co-founder of Sesame Street. This book was honored at the internationally renowned Fall River Festival of the Arts. Gilda was also interviewed about the book for Investor’s Business Daily. She is also a member of VOWW (Voices of Women Worldwide) with 1,900-plus members spreading across over 130 countries and a large social media network of friends. She was also the recipient of the 2014 VOWW Award. She has also written for Sybil Magazine, O’Jornal, the Fall River Spirit, and the Spectator, along with many other local and regional newspapers.

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