Effects of Stress on the Body

12-25-16   Please join Leah Marie as she discussed the effects of stress on the body, overall well-being and techniques to bring about inner peace. Also, she will share her “Inner Peace” meditation, so please prepare with headphones and get into a comfortable space for the last show segment.

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Transformation and Healing of External Stressors

11-27-16   Transformation and Healing of External Stressors~ Facing the drama and trauma in our own personal experiences is stressful.

As we look at ways to release that stress, we often have to take a very close look at what are the triggers we perceive as stressors and how it affects our reality.  The triggers can come from the events going on in the world or situations that are directly in front of you. How you RESPOND affects your reality and your stress level.  YOU do have control over how you are affected.

This year has been a challenge for me.  I, unexpectedly, lost my mother in June, had my oldest child go away to college in August and basically felt a sense of angst about the state of our country and the planet, which continues to challenge me.  There are many controversial issues that are affecting the entire planet such as the environment, a potential water crisis in the future and the strain that is on the US at this time due to political concerns.  I feel that I need to help in some way…that we all need to contribute in some way to make a difference, no matter how small that contribution is.

With all of that being said, I feel all of this has given me another opportunity to practice managing my stress and response through the many natural techniques that I have in my toolbox.  My faith that there is energy greater than all of the drama and trauma we face in our personal human existence is also supporting my ability to stay in a state of love and not fear.

The power and energy of love heals.  It is there that we all can connect in order to overcome the fears of the unknown as a collective. WE have the power to direct positive, healing energy to our planet and to our lives. Please join me tonight as I discuss how to de-stress, handle the fears that we are all facing on both macro and micro scales that affects humanity as a whole, as well as our own reality.  Also, I am inviting all listening to a meditation at the close of the show that will aid in de-stressing our physical beings, so we can focus on sending healing and love out to the planet.

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Managing Chronic Stress and How to Become Stress Resistant

10-23-16    Managing Chronic Stress and How to Become Stress Resistant

Join Leah Marie as she discusses different approaches and strategies to dealing with any situations that may cause chronic stress.  She will share what things you can do that will enable you to become more resistant to the triggers that cause stress. Also, Leah Marie will be giving away 2 passes (a $99 value) for her upcoming online training webinar  “Stress Management Boot Camp-Get Your Wellness ON for the holidays!”

Living a Purposeful Life

09-25-16 Living a Purposeful Life

Have you often wondered what your life’s purpose is? Do you strive to contribute more or to figure out what your talents and gifts are? There are many ways to make your contribution to the planet and humanity. Listen in as Leah Marie discusses how discover your life’s purpose.