Conscious Attention with Carlos Montemayor

10-05-16  Conscious Attention with Carlos Montemayor

Carlos Montemayor talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about the similarities, differences, and overlap between consciousness and attention–and why this matters. Montemayor describes how evolution helps us better understand why consciousness and attention truly are separate processes. Montemayor also delves into the fascinating world of memory, dreams, and perception, exploring implications of human rationality based on recent scientific studies. This discussion also touches on the meaning and experience of time, and how a better appreciation about cognitive processes might assist the legal process.

Carlos Montemayor is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at San Francisco State University. Carlos graduated from Rutgers University with a PhD in Philosophy and a Certificate in Cognitive Science. His research focuses on the intersection between philosophy of mind, epistemology and cognitive science, and he has worked on philosophy of law and human rights. He is author of the book, “Minding Time: A Philosophical and Theoretical Approach to the Psychology of Time,”  and co-author of, “Consciousness, Attention, and Conscious Attention.”

Dying to Know God with PMH Atwater

CynthiaSue_PMH Atwater08-17-16   Dying to Know God with PMH Atwater

PMH Atwater talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about common characteristics to near-death experiences (NDEs), including insights from adult and child experiencers. PMH and Cynthia discuss their experiences with NDEs and some of the transformative effects that provide one with a sense of true identity, meaning, and purpose. PMH talks about her recent book, “Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience,” and recounts some near-death experiences. PMH shares a meditation exercise we can all do any time we need to restore balance and harmony in our lives.

An international authority on near-death states, Dr. PMH Atwater’s research has established that the near-death phenomenon is not some kind of anomaly, but is rather part of the larger genre of transformations of consciousness. She combines her decades of research in near-death experiences, altered states of consciousness, mysticism, and psychic phenomena to reveal what transformations of consciousness really are, why we have them, and where they lead us. The extensive body of her research covers over 43 years of work, and involves nearly 7,000 research participants.

Conscious Creation at the Movies with Brent Marchant

CynthiaSue_BrentMarchant07-20-16   Conscious Creation at the Movies with Brent Marchant

Brent Marchant talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about the principles characterizing conscious creation, and how they appear in cinema. This fascinating interview delves into a discussion of how movies provide us with examples of how we formulate beliefs, go beyond surface perceptions, and understand our relationship to the world in spirit in our lives. Marchant shares examples of stories that teach us how we can harness the power of choice and free will, face our fears, evolve our beliefs, and benefit from our interconnectedness.

BRENT MARCHANT is the award-winning author of “Get the Picture?!: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies,” and “Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover’s Guide to the Law of Attraction,” describing how the practice of conscious creation is illustrated in film. Brent blogs about metaphysical cinema and self-empowerment topics, and is a guest contributor for numerous magazines. Brent is a movie review radio correspondent on Frankiesense & More and on New Consciousness Review’s Reviewers Roundtable, and holds a B.A. in magazine journalism and history from Syracuse University.

Pressure Points and Korean Martial Arts History with Barry Harmon

Cynthia_BarryHarmon04-20-16   Pressure Points and Korean Martial Arts History with Barry Harmon

Martial arts Master Barry Harmon talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about pressure points, Ki, healing, and self defense–including some of the most important aspects of Ki and pressure point principles. Harmon describes how he first became interested in pressure points and martial arts, and how personal self defense has much more to do with protecting oneself from disease and bad lifestyle. Harmon shares some surprising aspects of Korean history, including how monks were able to successfully protect Korean peasants and villagers from Mongolian invaders, and the artistic and scholarly side of ancient Hwarang warriors.

Master Barry Harmon is a teacher, an acupuncturist, a speaker, a master in the martial art of Kuk Sool Won, and author of the books, “The Power of Pressure Points,” and “5,000 Years of Korean Martial Arts.” He earned his B.A in Psychosomatic and Alternative Healing from San Francisco State University, and holds national and state level certification as a licensed acupuncturist. Now a ninth degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won, Barry Harmon became the first American master in this martial art after training with Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh in South Korea.