Five Gifts of Wisdom with Laurie Nadel

03-29-17 Five Gifts of Wisdom with Laurie Nadel

Dr. Laurie Nadel talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about five gifts of uncommon wisdom that can help ease our way through troubling times. Dr. Nadel discusses some of her most extraordinary intuitive experiences, including communications with ghosts and a south American shaman on the other side of the world. Laurie shares her experiences dealing with personal loss following cataclysmic events where one feels one’s life has been shattered, and shares the power and value of humility, patience, empathy, forgiveness, and growth–and the value of talking with people following traumatic events.

Psychologist and media expert Dr. Laurie Nadel has offices in New York City and Miami, and has run a program for teenagers whose fathers were killed in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Her four-time best-selling book, “Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power” is now an audiobook available on amazon, Audible, and iTunes. The author of six books, Dr. Nadel edited Dan Rather’s ebook, “Lessons from the Field: Everything I Learned About Life I Learned from Reporting.” Her next book, “The Five Gifts: Uncommon Wisdom for Troubling Times,” will be published next year. She blogs for Huffington Post.

Cultural Insights for Wellbeing with Natalie Tobert

02-15-17   Cultural Insights for Wellbeing with Natalie Tobert

Natalie Tobert talks with Cynthia about the importance of understanding how anomalous experiences (such as OBEs and NDEs) that contain an element of a perceived ‘negative’ nature are being pathologized by many western medical practitioners and health experts–which does a disservice to those experiencing these phenomena, and to society at large. Everyone stands to gain from recognizing how we can make a cultural U-turn to find the value in effective practices such as peer-supported open dialogue.

Medical anthropologist Dr Natalie Tobert offers educational training on Spiritual and Cultural Equalities to staff in hospitals, and students at medical schools and universities.  She has run events in UK, USA, India, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland (or wherever she is invited). Her most recently published book, Cultural Perceptions on Mental Wellbeing, explores spiritual interpretations of anomalous experiences and mental well being.

Benefits of Mindfulness with Homayoun Sadeghi, MD

01-18-17   Benefits of Mindfulness with Homayoun Sadeghi, MD

What is the connection between mindfulness and health? Homayoun Sadeghi talks with Cynthia about the increasingly popular, yet often misunderstood concept of mindfulness. Dr. Sadeghi explains what mindfulness is, describes how the concept of mindfulness has changed from ancient to modern times, and shares many of the benefits of practicing mindfulness in daily life. Dr. Sadeghi explains how we can become more mindful, and why it matters for our health, wellbeing, and prosperity.

Homayoun received his medical degree from the University of Iowa and completed his postgraduate medical training at the Yale University, Yale New Haven Hospital. When he became a private practitioner, Homayoun noticed the abstract interplay that occurs between mind and body to create energy, vitality, and healing. He shares these insights in  his new book, The Art of Healthy Living: A Mind-Body Appraoch to Inner Balance and Natural Vitality.

Understanding Consciousness with Max Velmans

12-30-16   Understanding Consciousness with Max Velmans

Max Velmans talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about how to understand consciousness from considering both our direct first person experiences of consciousness, and a classical scientific perspective. Velmans describes how we can make sense of the nature of mind as being essentially a psycho-physical processor, where our conscious experiences can be described by us as we experience them, and also by those observing measurable outcomes outside of ourselves. Velmans talks about his theory of reflexive monism, and how we might get closer to the structure of human consciousness.

Max Velmans is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London. He co-founded the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society in 1994, and served as its chair from 2003 to 2006. He was appointed National Visiting Professor by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, and was elected to the British Academy of Social Sciences. Velmans has around 100 publications in the area of consciousness studies, including his book, “Understanding Consciousness.”