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Warren Grossman05-12-21 Being Healing with Warren Grossman

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Warren Grossman about his extraordinary journey from extremely sick to a healer.  Warren shares insights into how anger and fear create conditions which make us vulnerable to illness, and how forgiveness can be a life-saver and a life-changer.  We have each been given a wonderful gift to be able to transform anger through forgiveness.  Warren shares a funny story about the making of his new Healthy Foot videos, and tips about how just resting on a tree or the Earth can help us heal.  Warren also shares the brilliant insight that anyone can be a healer if they (1) fully ground themselves, and (2) love as a matter of choice.  Warren points out that Love is not sex, and not romance, but rather “love is the expression of life as it passes through the heart chakra.”  Love is a gift we are all given, and Nature provides all we need.

Warren Grossman, Ph.D is author of: “To Be Healed by the Earth,” “Earth/Heart,” “Being Healing,” and co-creator of the video, “The Healthy Foot.”  A near-death experience changed scientist Warren Grossman into a healer.  Warren focuses on demonstratable truths over theoretical abstractions. Warren trains people to access energy and deliberately open their hearts, bringing emotional, physical and spiritual healing to themselves and others. Warren’s website is:

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