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07-02-21 Your Symphony of Selves: James Fadiman & Jordan Gruber

Why you are a different you at different times and how that’s both normal and healthy… Each of us is comprised of distinct, autonomous, and inherently valuable “selves”. They also show that honoring each of these selves is a key to improved ways of living, loving, and working. Instead of seeing the existence of many selves as a flaw or pathology, Gruber and Fadiman reveal that the healthiest people, mentally and emotionally, are those that have naturally learned to appreciate and work in harmony with their own symphony of selves. They identify “the Single Self Assumption” as the prime reason why the benefits of having multiple selves has been ignored. This assumption holds that we each are or ought to be a single consistent self, yet we all recognize, in reality, that we are different in different situations.

James Fadiman, Ph.D., did his undergraduate work at Harvard and his graduate work at Stanford, doing research with the Harvard Group, the West Coast Research Group in Menlo Park, and Ken Kesey. A former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a professor of psychology, he taught at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, now Sofia University, which he helped found in 1975. An international conference presenter, workshop leader, management consultant, and author of several books and textbooks, he lives in Menlo Park, California, with his filmmaker wife, Dorothy.

Jordan Gruber, J.D., Practical Wordsmith and Renaissance Writer, collaborative writer, ghost writer, editor, and coach, has forged and sculpted authoritative volumes in forensic law, financial services, psychology, and health and wellness. A graduate of Binghamton University and the University of Virginia School of Law, he founded the Enlightenment.Com website and is now a leading advocate of rebound exercise through his co-authored book, The Bounce. He lives in Menlo Park, California, with his wife and family.

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