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08-03-14 Co- Host: Fifteen-year-old Winter Vinecki began making waves in the sport of triathlon at a very young age. Racing since the age of five, her competitive spirit has compelled her to be the best. By the age of nine, she found herself competing in an Olympic Distance triathlon; a distance usually reserved for seasoned adult triathletes. Winter initially had thoughts of racing as a means of bringing light to the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. This all changed one spring morning, though. In May of 2008, Winter experienced personal hardship that would prove to be the defining moment in her life and career as an athlete. After a series of medical tests, her dad, Michael, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of prostate cancer. The grim prognosis was met not only with sadness but also with determination. Winter vowed to do everything in her power to put an end to prostate cancer and help find a cure so that other families wouldn’t have to endure the personal hardships that her family was going through. Thus, Team Winter, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, became her true cause in which to race for. It has become a vessel for funding prostate cancer research and raising prostate cancerawareness on a global scale. Winter has helped raise nearly $500,000 for prostate cancer awareness and research.

After the passing of her dad in 2009, Winter traveled almost every weekend to races in which she, her three brothers and her mom, Dr. Dawn Estelle, spread the word about Team Winter and prostate cancer awareness. She spent three years as the IronKids Ambassador introducing kids to the sport of triathlon and encouraging kids to lead an active, positive and healthy lifestyle. She encourages kids to not only race for themselves but to race for cause. Each first place trophy she received was sent to a person affected by prostate cancer as a means of support and a gesture of goodwill. While most kids cherish their trophies, she cherishes the people she gives them to. Winter has an intense interest in helping find solutions to today’s growing obesity epidemic and speaks in schools across North America about “Fueling Your Body for Success”. She is a motivational speaker to all ages around the world and her talk on “No Limits” has reached many hospitals and corporations. She has received such prestigious awards as the Annika Sorentstam Inspiration Award and Massachusetts General Hospital “The One Hundred’ award in 2014.

   “I founded Team Winter at age 9 after my dad was diagnosed at age 40 with a very aggressive form of Prostate Cancer. He passed away in 2009 before he even reached his 41st birthday.” ~Winter 

After achieving two National triathlon titles in 2010 and 2011, Winter set her goals much higher. On November 10, 2103, Winter realized her dream and set a world record, not for her personal glory but to honor her dad and the 1 in 6 men affected by prostate cancer.  Winter became the youngest person to run a marathon on all seven continents! In doing so, she also set a world record for the youngest person to run a marathon in Antarctica and with her mom, became the first mother/daughter to run a marathon on all seven continents. Winter captured her first marathon overall female win on what is claimed to be, “The Toughest Marathon in the World,” the Inca Trail Marathon. Winter ran the entire Inca Trail, including three mountain peaks reaching over 14,000 feet, in just 9 hours 18 minutes, setting a course record.

Winter continues to stay strong in triathlon and captured the 2013 age-group Regional title in XTERRA. In her first season of obstacle course racing with Spartan Race, she captured a 19 & under world championship victory and is a top elite women contender. Winter’s next goal is making the 2018 Winter Olympics in aerial skiing. She lives and trains year round in Park City, Utah at the Utah Olympic Park She is the current 2014 Jr. National Champion in aerials and took 5th at the 2014 Jr. World Freestyle Championships in Italy. Winter continues to seek avenues in breaking age and gender barriers in endurance sports. Winter is currently a Junior at the prestigious Stanford University Online High School.

Our Practitioner Guest: Vicki Savini is a mother, a teacher, and an inspiring speaker, who has been empowering children & adults through individual consultations and group workshops for over a decade. She has experience not only in the field of psychology, but also in the healing arts, and overall wellness. Vicki is a Science of Mind Practitioner, Reikienergy worker, and talented Intuitive Life Coach. She uses her real world experiences and eclectic training to educate, enlighten, and empower individuals to believe in themselves and be their absolute best. Vicki teaches adults to change their thoughts in order to change their lives, and works holistically with children to build their self-esteem and self-concept.

Check out her online event with Hay House, titled “Ignite the Light: Creating Strong Foundations for Children & Adults“. Her overall goal is to help children and adults be their absolute best by reminding us that we are human beings, instead of human doings.  Vicki is a Hay House Author of Ignite the Light – Empowering Children and Adults to Be Their Absolute Best

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