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06-06-18 Why We Always need Teachers, Gurus or Masters, no Matter how much of an Expert We Are

Maybe you are like me. Maybe you are an expert at certain things, because you have done them for a long time, and because you are passionate about them. But did you know that even experts need teachers, gurus or masters to inspire them and help them grow? No matter how good we are at things, we always need someone there to guide or mentor us, so we can continue to evolve. Why? Because it’s easy for us as humans to get stuck in a rut, even without realizing that we are stuck!

The human brain is very adaptable. In infancy and childhood the brain is very malleable, and learning and assimilating new information is easy to do. As we age, our brains become more fixed, and change becomes more difficult. But this does not mean that change is impossible! This simply means that we need to make more of an effort to seek out opportunities for learning, opportunities for growth and expansion, in order to keep our brains functioning at their prime.

So whether it’s a teacher, who can teach you something, a guru who can walk you along a path that they themselves have walked, or a master, who can push you to a different level of understanding or skill, continuing to learn throughout our whole lives is vitally important!

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