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11-07-18  Why “Middle-Age”is really the Prime Time of a Woman’s Life!

Juju Hook walked away from a 25-year career as a brand strategist to take on the biggest project of her life: re-branding middle age for women.

Her mission grew out of her branding work with female entrepreneurs. As she coached and led women through the process of identifying and articulating their unique talents and skills—and the competitive advantages that differentiated their businesses—she found that her middle-aged female clients were reluctant, or entirely unwilling, to own their rock-star abilities. While midlife women were the most powerful, competent, and experienced clients on Juju’s roster, ironically, they were the least confident.

As she struggled through her own midlife transition, Juju found herself restless, uninspired, unproductive, and way too involved in her teenage son’s life. A helicopter mom who’d settled on letting her own dreams die, Juju wasn’t just consulting middle-aged women who’d lost their mojo, she’d become one.

Over a two-year period, Juju set out to identify the root causes for this lack of confidence in midlife women and the inaction that invariably follows. In the process, she spoke with hundreds of middle-aged women—most of whom were either holding back on pursuing a life-long dream, or had given up on one entirely. She discovered that midlife women were all influenced by a set of pervasive and powerful—but entirely false—messages proliferated by the fashion, anti-aging, and technology industries. She calls these the “Six Lies that Bind.” Inspired by a quarter-century career in messaging, Juju realized that a re-brand was in order.

Additionally, she discovered that most middle age women struggle internally with the same three illogical equations, which she labeled “Mad Girl Math.”

In 2016, Juju released her first book, Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis—The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime. A funny and irreverent look at “how we got here,” the book provides step-by-step instruction for midlife women to absolutely thrive.  Along the way, Juju made it her personal mission to recruit one million midlife women in the re-launch of a new PrimeTime brand, and to inspire self-love, confidence, and courageous action. Her system begins with challenging women to ask themselves a single, simple question that most stopped asking decades ago.

Juju worked for ten years as a marketing executive, owned a branding agency for 15, and now inspires midlife women around the world through coaching programs, her Positively PrimeTime online group, and live presentations and events. She lives in San Diego and in Yuma, AZ with her husband, Jan, their 16-year-old son, Christian, and Diego, the world’s hungriest Golden Retriever.

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