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11868783_10206498934703703_812730869_n05-12-16  Title: Why God Gave You Two Ears and Only One Mouth

Description: The reason God gave us two ears and only one mouth is so that we would listen more and speak less.

On the road to conflict resolution, listening is the superhighway.

Not surprisingly, listening is nearly absent in conflicted relationships. When we don’t feel heard by those close to us, “discussions” soon cycle out of control, meaning no resolution occurs. The next time that particular hot topic resurfaces we are even more likely to blast our mates. But when we come at our partners with both barrels, they want to put up their dukes rather than prick up their ears. The louder we get, the less our partners want to listen. Instead, they resort to Defending, Justifying and Counterblaming. In no time, you have a major vicious cycle that has divorce or break-up written all over it.

Tune in and find out my 6 steps plan for listening your way to love!

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