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who should I tell affair flaunt11-15-23 Who Should I Tell About the Affair? How Do I Do It & What Do I Say?

Finding our about your partner’s infidelity is bad enough, but with taboo topics such as this there is often an added layer of concern. What if you tell and people cut you and your partner off? What if people blame you? What if you don’t do what others “expect” and they are mad? This show navigates some of the considerations around who to tell, why, and how.

Top take-a-ways

  • Preparing to share the truth about infidelity is crucial for success. Sandwich the information between an introductory statement such as, “I have something shocking and sad to share with you…” and stating your desired end of the story. This sets the stage for the conversation and prepares the listener for both the information they are about to receive and what you want from them in the sharing of this information.
  • Seek support and understanding for yourself rather than revenge or public embarrassment for another. Gossipy, negative energy will always come back to bite you, and it’s important to remember that your goal is your own healing.
  • Communicate clearly about the type of support needed and set boundaries for the kind of feedback one desires. Infidelity is hard for anyone to process. Keep yourself safe by asking for exactly what you need.
  • Choose the right people to confide in and create a support system with individuals whose perspectives align with your desired path for a brighter, empowered future.

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