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01-25-19  Weight Loss with Meditation and Malnourished Children

Join Leah Marie as she discusses her new approach to Weight Loss with Meditation program. In the last segment of the show, Leah will lead you through a guided meditation that will plant the seeds of a healthier way to live.  Our relationship with food is essential to our well-being.

Also, Leah is writing a new book called Create Your Legacy With Mindfulness which is about living sensually immersed in every moment on a journey of discovery and purpose.

Through the sales of Leah’s new book, she hopes to raise money to contribute 50% of all profits she receives to help prevent starvation among children in the world.  Her awareness of this need to help came about in November of last year when a story about a 7 year Yemen girl, Amal Hussain, was published in the New York Times. The story also contained a picture of Amal hours just before she died of starvation which the newspaper said “turned the world’s eyes to famine”.  Her death occurred in a refugee camp and her condition was due to the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

This tragic story has brought attention to the approximately 1.8 million children without food and clean water that are severely malnourished in Yemen. Lets not let Amal’s purpose go unnoticed and forgotten.  Although it is difficult to understand why this had to happen to such an innocent child at only 7 years old, we now are aware and her death can be the catalyst to save many children from perishing the same painful way that she did.

Please help Leah raise funds and also spread the word of her new book to help enlighten those that read it to choose more loving and mindful paths to create their own legacies.  Each one of us has the ability to spread love and hope whenever possible.

Copies can be pre-ordered at:

You can learn more about Leah Marie’s meditations and purchase her daily meditation program, “Mooditations for Healing and Wellness”, at

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