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Walter Zajac02-02-23 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Walter Zajac author of They Came Beyond Déjà vu which is a true story of a youngster who endured as an abandoned, orphaned beaten and sexually abused child in post-war Germany and later in America who was able to develop amazing healing and intuitive powers. Walter Zajac an acclaimed psychic medium on the West Coast also a NLP Coach and Reiki Master sharing enlightened readings and healing sessions  continues to receive dreams and psychic visions that come true and  shares the story of deeply realistic dreams about two young women also suffering their own traumas that six year old Walter dreamt when in an orphanage in Germany.  Only later when he met them as a 44 year old adult, did he discover the dreams he had of them had actually happened. But he experienced them YEARS BEFORE they were born.  Walter will share extraordinary insights into the world of Intuition Dreams and Higher Consciousness.

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