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01-22-18 Transforming Lives with the Power of Words

Once again a surprise show of a slightly different nature as Dr. Judy interviews Rocky Detwiler and his wife Cheryl, founders of Samson LIFE in Phoenix, Arizona.  Rocky is the foremost expert on the power of words and is the author of “The Samson Effect:  Transforming Lives with the Power of Words”.  Rocky and Cheryl are also speakers, coaches, and personal trainers with 30 years of experience in transformational living.  You’ll hear Rocky’s personal story of complete loss and then triumph, after living in a tree house for a year.  His story and their efforts have inspired millions around the globe to use the positive power of words to transform their lives!  He sends the message of hope and happiness to those looking for a better way forward.  Want to learn how the power of words can transform life for you and your pets?  Tune in and listen to a thought provoking conversation with Dr. Judy, Rocky and Cheryl.

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