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02-05-18  Therapy for the Mind and Body

This week, Dr. Judy welcomes Peggi Honig, registered and board certified in hypnosis and physical therapies, utilizing her many specialized healing modalities to help people overcome injury and illness.  A lover of all animals, Peggi and her husband reside in Montgomery County, Maryland with their 3 English Black Labs where her therapeutic Mind Bodywork practice is also located.  Peggi’s focus is on health awareness and how to move beyond chronic pain. She also specializes in rehabilitation, whether from sport injuries, surgeries and neurological issues as well as palliative care.  While her field focuses on the treatment of humans, she uses her skills to help heal dogs, using TTouch and whole foods for her labs.  You can learn more about Peggi and her fascinating work by visiting her website at Tune in to hear Peggi and Dr. Judy discuss methods to keep our pets healthy.

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