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12-10-18  The Truth About Pet Food

This week, Dr. Judy welcomes back her good friend, fellow blogger and pet food advocate, Susan Thixton, joining us from the west coast of Florida.  Susan has always had a passion for animals and in her early years, developed kind and respectful training methods which she later utilized in her “all suite” pet boarding facility.  Known as The Caped Crusader for Safe Pet Food, Susan has dedicated her life to doing all she can to make the pet food industry as transparent as possible.  She truly cares about what goes into pet foods and is relentless in her pursuit to identify what goes in, and especially, what shouldn’t.  Do you wonder what kind of regulation there is to ensure safe pet foods?  What does Human Grade really mean and how do you know if your pet’s food includes those ingredients?  Tune in to hear all about this and more as Susan and Dr. Judy discuss her latest findings, insights and “The List” for 2019 of pet foods she would trust to feed her own dog.  You can also learn more about Susan – and the thousands of others that work together to make pet food safe – by going to her website, The Truth About Pet Food.

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