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08-01-18 The Paper Doll Kids Children’s Book & Kids For Love Song with Janine Sullivan & Robert Sherwood

Deborah Beauvais welcomes both Janine Sullivan, co-author and lyricist and Robert Sherwood, composer and producer to share their thoughts around the journey of writing The Paper Doll Kids and creating the Kids For Love Song.  Bob shares his experience working with the kids who aren’t professionals to sing Kids For Love, embedded with love and charm.

When we all join together extraordinary things happen!

Janine Ouellette Sullivan is a freelance writer and poet.  When Janine is not writing she is a resource agent a position, which involves advocacy and assisting people, achieve goals. She uses her talent connecting people to lift dreams and desires to a successful outcome. Drawing on 30 years of experience in social service Janine has gathered tools and resources developing a unique approach to connect individuals and communities. One of the highlights of her career was producing a life enhancing lecture series for women. Educated in the field of child psychology, Janine has nurtured the ability to see under the veil into the heart of a person making her current work as a caregiver very rewarding.  She believes we all can lift up our portion of the world one person at a time through one action at a time.

Bob Sherwood: Producer, engineer, singer, multi instrumentalist and all-around audio obsessive Robert Sherwood has been recording, processing, mixing and mastering audio since the cassette four-track recorder was considered high tech.  From Boston to New York to Lost Angeles to the wilds of Western Massachusetts, Robert has forged a career that spans three decades both as an artist and producer/engineer in some of the finest studios in the country.  As a hit songwriter and leader of the band Fiction in the ‘90s and early 2000’s as well as a voiceover artist he has paid his dues on the artist’s side of the control room window, and from the producer’s side of the glass he has logged thousands of hours rolling tape and hard disk alike.  Robert brings a unique perspective to commercial and voiceover work as a professional who is equally comfortable and skilled on both sides of the microphone.

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