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14095982_1196376793775017_1827153590499331683_n08-23-16  The One United Roar Video Talent Challenge for Children & Young Adults

Roars to you from the White Lions and all of us here in the Heartlands! The One United Roar Talent Challenge for children was launched with a community picnic lunch under a huge fig tree, which ended well after sunset with an amazing concert at Elephant Temple – a sacred site at the source of the Timbavati River where huge rocks create a natural stage.

David Chabeaux: Musician, composer and performer of O.U.R. Campaign themesong:

Greg Kietzman: Creator of Bush Tracks, authentic wildlife sounds to soothe your soul. O.U.R. favourite sounds:

Don Clarke: Roaring for the silent stakeholders with his awesome talent. and

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