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Lakewood Colorado Hypnotherapist

04-25-18 The Law of Attraction with Hypnotherapists Lora Cheadle & Lynda Pullford

The Law of Attraction is one of the quintessential concepts of today’s spiritual movement. While there are several books, movies and CD’s on the topic. Esther Hicks, who channels the Teachings of Abraham, is one of today’s top authors, speakers and presenters on the topic.

Even if you are a master at manifestation, spending the next hour with Lora and Lynda Pullford, both certified hypnotherapists, and devoted students of Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham, is sure to light your world on fire!

Two big takeaway from today’s show:

-It only takes 17 seconds to change your vibration. Holding a positive thought for 17 seconds is all it takes to shifts your feelings about any topic.

-Holding that same, focused, positive thought for 68 seconds is long enough to kick the manifestation process into gear. Yes! That means your dreams are literally 68 seconds away from creation!

Yes, it takes work! Yes it takes focus and dedication, but it truly is not difficult to change your life. All it takes is the thought, the emotion, and the focus to hold your vibration exactly where you want it to be!

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