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Ellen Meredith08-28-20 The Language Your Body Speaks: Ellen Meredith

Self-healing with Energy Medicine is more than a grab-bag of techniques; it is a journey to find ways to reconstruct the Self in alignment with inner truths. Allow the body-mind and spirit to guide you into true wellness. Find your unique voice and style to make energy medicine your own. Subtle Energies form your body, fuel the operations of your body, and organize the functioning of your body. They carry and express meaning. Energy is our mother tongue. The key to self-healing is to reclaim that language – as a language — and learn to dialogue with your body’s energies. Taking your health and well-being into your own hands means learning to participate in the ongoing, marvelous, energetic conversations that make up your creation of Self.

Ellen Meredith, DA, EEMAP, is the author of The Language Your Body Speaks. An intuitive and energy medicine practitioner with over 35 years of experience, she has served on the faculty of energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden since 2010 and teaches energy healing techniques all over the world. Ellen lives in Marin County in California. Visit her online at

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