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Mario Porreca01-01-20 The Importance of Mindset with Mario Porreca

Whether you want to add six-figures to your business bottom line through intentional podcasting, or are looking to upend your life and do something that you love, this show will give you the inspiration you need to break free, change your mindset, and change your life.

Instead of making resolutions or plans, only to let yourself down a few weeks into the process when the excitement of the project began to wane, learn about the importance of mindset and how making simple shifts in your beliefs can impact your future.

Mario Porreca is the founder of the Launching a 6-Figure Podcast system. He’s been consulting since 2009 and podcasting since 2011. A 4-time author, radio show host, TV personality, newspaper columnist, and all-around media expert. He’s launched numerous podcasts and built a 6-figure business in 7 months from his podcast.

But this wasn’t always his life! Mario went from being a chef – a job he enjoyed, as he loves food, cooking and creating – to helping people get fit and drop weight – to helping business owners create successful podcasts.

Join us as Mario shares how he built his dreams and lived his sparkle through the five steps of FLAUNT!

For more information on Mario, visit: or text him at  (412) 226-4421. Learn more about his podcasting services and how to launch your own Six-figure podcast at:

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