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12-28-16   The Anatomy of our Bodies

Understanding our own bodies enables us to understand what is happening with them. Whether it’s a back ache, sciatica, neck pain or feeling out of shape, knowing and understanding human anatomy is the best place to start!

It all starts with the bones. It’s not about walking around with a book on our head, instead it’s about consciously stacking our bones in order to take undue strain off of our tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Next, it’s about the joints. Each joint has two opposing muscle groups that are responsible for making that joint move. In working out, as well as in life, it’s important to make sure that opposing muscle groups are balanced in both strength as well as flexibility. Otherwise, the joint could be compromised and aches, pains and injuries could result.

With our without a personal trainer or physical therapist, you can test the relative strength and flexibility of your opposing muscle groups and determine for yourself where you need to build strength.

Not super exciting, but super important if you want to live in a body that’s happy, healthy and pain free! Start your New Year’s Resolutions off right by learning more about your own anatomy.

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