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Tell the CA EPA What You Want to See on the Roundup Label


The CA EPA operates separately from the federal EPA and has long been a leader in somewhat safer environmental policies. On Sept 9, 2021, they are holding a hearing at the Office of Environmental Health Hazards Assessment regarding what the exact wording should be on the label of glyphosate herbicides aka Roundup, Ranger Pro, and 750 other generic brands when used in California. What happens in California affects trade and policy around the world.

Please see below and consider participating. EVERY VOICE MATTERS and you do not have to be an expert. You can simply be someone who suspects glyphosate herbicides affected your health, your family’s health, your pet, bees, or marine life near you. The OEHHA office needs to know we citizens are serious about protecting life on the planet and creating healthy communities. Please speak up with us.

We have included our perspective in this article but urge you to use other studies from our data page to touch upon the many other ways glyphosate harms life and therefore should be accurately labeled as such. READ MORE HERE

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