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06-03-21 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Tanya Zabinski the author of Peace Love and Action who is using her many talents to share messages of hope and love to expand hearts minds and spirit for greater compassion and good will. Tanya shares in her book Peace Love Action a very thoughtful artistic vision of visionaries and leaders in the biographies and messages of truly inspiring people from A to Z. So we have stories of 26 peacemakers and change makers and their messages that have been chosen to be highlighted. Tanya Zabinski will share her most basic definition of a peaceful activist who is someone who works to choose love over fear, just as Dr. King did. We can direct love toward ourselves, toward our family and friends, and toward many people and situations. Being a peaceful activist doesn’t mean we need to love the actions of an oppressor, but if we strive to see points of light within even the most harmful person or circumstance, act out of love and not fear we will create a loving healthy lifestyle changing ourselves for the better and shining love and compassion into the world. Today we will hear stories of many people who have found peace through expressing their most divine thoughts into action.

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