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Swami Saradananda author of The Cleansing Power of Yoga12-26-19 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Swami Saradananda author of The Cleansing Power of Yoga

Swami explains how removing stuck energy can have not just far-reaching physical benefits but also emotional and spiritual ones from increased clarity vitality and focus to a more interconnected relationship with the people and world around you. Swami Saradananda will share her life time study of eastern healing modalities and discuss the importance of yoga understanding Ayurveda medicine, dosha energies along with dietary and exercise programs, and meditation practices to realize our soul needs to refine, rebalance and restore our physical and energetic life force. As we discover yoga poses, visualizations, mudras, meditations and other specific cleansing exercises, explained step by step in this book we may enhance each of the five senses and our mind.

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