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Your Subconscious Love Language Flaunt04-26-23 Your Subconscious Love Language – Understanding Love & Association 

Gary Chapman’s “Five Love Languages” explain our conscious associations and desires around love. But what about our subconscious associations and desires around love? Whether you had a functional or dysfunctional childhood, all children are hardwired to love their parents – which means they interpret everything their parents do as love. Even when it’s not! That means that as an adult you and your partner can have faulty associations when it comes to love. And because they are subconscious, neither of you are even aware of those associations, let alone know how to change them!

Top take-a-ways:

  • Is your partner critical and negative? It’s possible that because of the way they were raised, they think that love equals criticism and riding someone’s case in order to “make them better.” Here’s how to understand and combat negative associations around love.
  • Discover your love associations (and your partner’s love associations) and how they have translated into your adult life and relationships.
  • Unhook from toxic emotions around unhealthy ways that you or your partner show love.

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