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11-03-17   Stress Relief Toolbox

What hiring a coach can do for you…join Leah Marie as she shares different challenges and situations that a coach could prove to be an invaluable source of support that will help in achieving goals and dreams that seemed unattainable.

Famous and successful people from Oprah Winfrey to Bill Clinton have often claimed that working with a life coach helped them to succeed and reach new levels.  There are different specialties to consider too like money coaching, relationship coaching, self-esteem/confidence building coaching, spiritual coaching and stress coaching.

In this show, Leah Marie discusses the topic of stress and how it is such a major part of our culture and existence in today’s world.  Learning different natural approaches to stress management can help you develop skills that will help keep things in perspective when you meet difficult challenges and ultimately, keep you healthier.  Leah Marie discusses some of those approaches that she shares with clients that she coaches to help fill their Stress Relief Toolbox.  Check out more and to book a session with Leah Marie, visit

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