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Michelle Welch06-25-21 Stop Cutting Cords: Michelle Welch

Work with the energies that connect all people, and instead of cutting cords, you will learn to transform and transmute negative energy in ways that support your personal spiritual journey. Embrace your connection to others and live a more empowered life. Manifest Love and Stay Connected with Your Community… Even When You’re Confronted by Negative Energy. Living a spiritually attuned life can come with challenges. Transmute energies so you can become a grounded source of love and light.

Michelle Welch is a self-proclaimed “recovering attorney” who is now the co-owner two SoulTopia holistic boutiques in the greater Dallas, TX area, where she offers intuitive readings and healing sessions in addition to teaching classes on crystals, tarot, energy work, and intuition. The Magic of Connection is her first book. She also co-hosts the SoulWhat podcast. and

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