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10-08-18  Standing Up for the Rights of Our Pets

This week’s guest is an important advocate for both consumers and pets alike.  Join Dr. Judy as she welcomes Jessica Sleater, author and consumer class-action attorney, who focuses on animal law and pet-food-related cases in state and federal courts across the country.  Some of the class actions she has undertaken involve fraud, misrepresentations and false advertising. Jessica is currently representing pet owners who purchased a high-end pet  food that led to the sickness and death of their pet. She is also challenging a company that allegedly ran a racketeering scam; she is representing customers of a national pet store retail chain who purchased animals that were certified as healthy, but were not.  You’ve all heard about pet food related problems – now you can tune in to hear Dr. Judy and Jessica discuss how legal challenges against the pet care industry are addressing issues with companies that continue to put profit over safety.

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