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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Host Dr.Cynthia Bischoff:
Dear Hearts
I am pleased to announce that I have a series of professional products coming out, one of which is now available!  –My 30-minute video on “Being the Best You!”  It is packed with Heartliving motivational tips.

I would greatly appreciate your reading below about my product, checking a promo video out, and telling others! Your support means so much to me.

You may be familiar with my YouTube videos that have been out for several months at my YouTube channel:  HeartlivingVideo.  Due to their positive response, in cooperation with Metro Productions, I will be producing one video per month for sale.  By subscribing to my website: you can receive a promo code that offers you a 50% discount.  This is a limited-time offer as each product is introduced.

Subscribing is free and puts you on an e-mail list that keeps you updated about the offerings and products. The easiest way to subscribe and to check out my new video offer is to go to this link at my website:

While I will continue to help you on a one-on-one basis as long as my resources allow me a “brick and mortar” location, I am also seeking ways to reach both local and broader audiences at a distance and to support myself in a less labor-intensive way. (I’m almost 60 folks! J)

The videos have involved tremendous planning and effort, but I am truly pleased with the quality. Purchasing and downloading your own video allows you to watch it at any time you need an inspirational “fix” or to be reminded of some of the Heartliving principles.  My site uses “Paypal” (which works whether or not you have a Paypal account) because it is completely safe and secure.  That was important to me in regard to customers using credit cards on line.

Learn more about Dr. Cynthia on her DV7 Page:

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