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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Celebrates Hosts for the Day

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The Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro, Bob Sherwood, Craig Harris and Rhode Island’s Gino Cicchetti

07-31-16  The Gaea Star Band are an improvisatory musical group from Western Massachusetts led by inspirational singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mariam Massaro and featuring pianist Bob Sherwood and percussionist Craig Harris. They are often joined by select guests such as Rhode Island-based multi-instrumentalist Gino Cicchetti. The group record a live hour of adventurous, largely improvised music weekly for broadcast on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio network on their show “The Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour” every Thursday & Friday 11am & 11pmET-  and boast thousands of fans the world over. Their work has been released on two CDs by the Applehead Music and Films label out of New York, and Mariam’s music has been released on several LPs including “Smooth Sailin’ Love Songs”, “Vision Quest” and “Gaea Star Goddesses”.

Mariam Massaro is a dynamic visionary singer/songwriter and ceremonial medicine healer, who passionately expresses messages of love and inspiration, through her unique evocative, rock style music and flamboyant theatrical performances. Her powerful songs encourage humanity to nurture Mother Earth (Gaea Star), to be happy and to discover your own power and radiant light within. Mariam channels spiritual messages and songs from her twin flame, Ashento, an ascended master and is currently co-writing  The Teachings of Ashentowith him. The following is a message from Ashento. “As a messenger of spirit, be the hands, the voice, the touch, the example of love to shine, to reflect the deep abiding love that flows eternally from one’s spirit into life, to heal and spread love even more. To enlarge the capacity for revealing love at all times is to walk the path of the peaceful messenger.” She wrote and is currently filming the Gaea Star Crystal screenplay with Ashento’s celestial guidance…learn more here:

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