Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour

with Mariam Massaro

mariam_gsch-show-logoOn the Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour,  singer/songwriter Mariam Massaro and composer/producer Robert Sherwood collaborate with Craig Harris and special guests to produce a unique live musical experience where pure inspiration is interwoven with dynamic and unusually sensitive musical expression. The show features completely original songs created in the moment from Mariam’s inspirations, often from dreams and feelings based on current life experiences here and throughout the world as well as from the beauty of nature,  blended with intergalactic channelings from her Twin Flame lover Ashento. Starting in January 2012 The Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour has attracted over 75,000 listeners from all corners of the globe.  As The Gaea Star Band enters their fourth year they’re excited with the release of their latest album “Who We Are” on Applehead/Sony Films and Records.  “Who We Are” is a unique collection of tracks pulled from the last couple of years of shows that reflect an upbeat, original spirit with a global medicine rock flavor.

Broadcasts Weekly Thursday & Friday 11am & 11pmET

Mariam’s Theme This Week


listen_live_buttonThursday 11am/11pmET

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #251 at Singing Bridge Studio and is dedicated to the peace of the world.  Mariam Massaro, Bob Sherwood and Craig Harris of the Gaea Star Band present several dynamic improvisations and songs by Mariam, with Bob on piano, Craig on congas and balaphone and Mariam on vocals, dulcimer, native flute, acoustic guitar, baritone ukulele and sitar.  Today’s first piece is the driving, concise “We Are All The Same” a song to our universality, a prayer of unity that twists and turns through passages and movements both rocking and minimal and built on an elastic rhythm section of dulcimer, congas and piano.  The band builds to a richly spiritual high point to match the intensity of Mariam’s poetry before easing into the folky “The Power Of Love Will Rise Above”, an expansive, acoustic-guitar based song of hope draped with piano filigree and a pretty, affecting melody.  “Cozy Inside” is a winter blues celebrating the joys of the indoors featuring imaginative ukulele and some interesting surprises.  “May We All Gather Together” is a modal workout featuring ambiguous major/minor twists in true Gaea Star style.  Craig’s intense, accelerating congas drive the band to a rocking plateau featuring lovely visionary poetry from Mariam.  “Ashento From The Stars” finds Mariam painting a mysterious, impressionistic tapestry with native flute and sitar to tell the tale of Shilaya in the forest.  A lush instrumental built around impassioned flute runs from Mariam lead the band into a swirling expansion of the “Gaea Star Goddesses” track “Lotus Queen” called “Lakshmi * Saraswati”.


listen_live_buttonFriday 11am/11pmET

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #250 features improvisations and songs by Mariam Massaro played by the Gaea Star Band with Mariam on vocals, native flute, acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars and baritone ukulele, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on balaphone and congas at Singing Bridge Studio in Worthington Massachusetts, today’s show begins with Mariam’s lovely minor folk ballad “Sweep Love Rays All Over The World”.  Compelling piano figures from Bob and Craig’s elemental congas underpin Mariam’s inspired vocal and acoustic guitar.  “Oh The Ice Queen” continues in the folk vein, swept in on Bob’s gospel piano and Mariam’s wordless intro.  A beautiful winter poem from Mariam.  “Tadishi The Snowy Owl” takes us deep into a winter forest and up and over the trees and ice-covered ground with a prayer to a beautiful white northern owl.  A pleasingly unsettled tonality evokes snow ands swirling winds beneath Mariam’s ode to the Arctic Queen.  A lush coda brings in Mariam’s low, aching native flute and finally more compelling poetry over a piano accompaniment that spans classical, jazz, latin and minimalist styles.  We ease out via a triumphant pop gospel climax and Mariam picks up her Martin acoustic 12-string guitar for the hypnotic “Cast Away The Shadows”.  Mariam sings poetry of peace over a mesmerizing, cascading piano figure and shimmering guitar.  Next up is an appropriately wintery rendition of Mariam’s “Gaea Star Crystal”:  Awakening The Tribes Of Light” song “Twin Flames” a rich evocation of celestial love.  Closing the show today is Mariam’s beautifully mournful “It’s Really A Peaceful Life” a well-realized ballad featuring emotive conga playing from Craig and a swirling piano motif accompanying Mariam’s prayer of gratitude.


11148748_883802525024371_7728733960728335794_nBIO: Mariam Massaro is a dynamic visionary singer/songwriter and ceremonial medicine healer, who passionately expresses messages of love and inspiration, through her unique evocative, rock style music and flamboyant theatrical performances. Her powerful songs encourage humanity to nurture Mother Earth (Gaea Star), to be happy and to discover your own power and radiant light within. Mariam channels spiritual messages and songs from her twin flame, Ashento, an ascended master and is currently co-writing  The Teachings of Ashento with him. The following is a message from Ashento. “As a messenger of spirit, be the hands, the voice, the touch, the example of love to shine, to reflect the deep abiding love that flows eternally from one’s spirit into life, to heal and spread love even more. To enlarge the capacity for revealing love at all times is to walk the path of the peaceful messenger.” She wrote and is currently filming the Gaea Star Crystal screenplay with Ashento’s celestial guidance. Her first CD, released in 2009, “Gaea Star Crystal -Awakening The Tribes Of Light ” is a uplifting collection of songs for the movie soundtrack. Her second CD, “Gaea Star Goddesses”, recorded in her own studio, was released on 11/11/11. It is a beautiful celebration of the Divine Feminine with her original songs about the magnificent Goddesses of Gaea Star that have touched her life in all her worldly travels. Mariam has spent the last year creating and directing the colorful, live musical Gaea Star Goddess show that brings these songs to life while evoking the beauty and wisdom of the Goddess. She is the lead vocalist and bandleader of the GaeaStar Goddess band. She invites audiences of all ages, male or female, to embody their own God or Goddess within by dressing up and participating in the songs. Her radiant elaborate crowns and flamboyant creative costumes add the sparkle of expressive expanding consciousness, sensuality and artistic beauty. Mariam released her third CD, “Smooth Sailin’ Love Songs” in October, including songs co-created with Ashento, Dameron Midgett, and Robert Sherwood. She plays many different instruments and sings all her own harmonies. The music is an upbeat, intense weaving of rock, tribal rhythms and inspirations from nature. Mariam also co-hosts a weekly live radio show with her original music with Robert Sherwood and Dameron Midgett, using a diverse selection of instruments including harp, tamboura, piano, guitar, banjo, fiddle, dulcimer and the sounds of nature from her own back yard. The show is ”The Gaea Star Crystal Hour” on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, an Internet radio channel. Mariam is the founder of  WiseWays Herbals, internationally distributed, now celebrating 25 years of creating natural herbal products for well-being at her home, Singing Brook Farm, in Massachusetts where she plays music and loves to walk with her llamas and cats in the beauty of nature.



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