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Kim “Skipper” Corbin11-13-19 Skipping – For Health, Happiness and Fun! with Kim “Skipper” Corbin

When was the last time you took off skipping? If you are anything like most adults, it’s probably been a while. But did you know skipping has some amazing benefits for the body, mind and soul? Join us for today’s episode where we learn all about skipping, following one’s passion (all the way to financial ruin and back again) and the power of perseverance.

In addition to being a Senior Publicist at the book publisher New World Library, Kim “Skipper” Corbin has been the world’s most vocal advocate for the body, mind, spirit benefits of adult skipping for over 20 years. Her skipping movement has been featured in USA TodayTimePeople, and Newsweek Magazines.

After becoming so inspired after skipping for the first time as an adult, she invited the rest of the world to join her. She organized regular group skipping events in San Francisco, with the San Francisco Chronicle writing a feature article about her efforts called, “She’d Like to Teach the World to Skip.” That article set off an unprecedented flurry of national media attention including Time Newsweek, People, USA Today, the BBC, CNN, and more.

As skippers from around the world heard the news, she quickly realized she was not alone in her love for skipping. Much to her surprise, the fitness community also got involved, featuring her in Shape, Fitness, Sports Illustrated for Women and Prevention Magazine. There was no doubt about it, Kim had found her fetish, and nothing was going to stop her now!

Kim quit her job to pursue her skipping dream full time. She poured her heart and soul into her vision, but unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way she had planned! Kim skipped herself into financial ruin, and spent the next several years going through a “post-acute skipping hangover.” But even though she thought her skipping path had come to an end, the skipping world would not let go of Kim.

She recently created a fun 21-Day Skipping Experiment as a way to inspire more people to give a skipping practice a try, she started working on a book on skipping, and much, much more!

Would YOU like to skip, and to be a part of Kim’s skipping adventure? Visit to find out more!

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