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Julie JD Cross author of Prophecies in the Light of Christ06-26-19 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews for a second time on the show, JD Cross, author of The Veil Lifted.

As an intuitive visionary JD shares messages from Jesus and other master souls for the coming events in 2018 and beyond and how best to prepare for the many challenges and changes ahead. JD Cross and William Johnson, who both receive spiritual messages are asked by Spirit to share these important messages during this crucial time in human evolution. JD has experienced a near death experience which heightened her abilities from childhood and now offers prophesies for holistic solutions for the body, mind, spirit and emotions. At the present time JD and other visionaries have been called on by Spirit as seers for prophesies that warn mankind of coming catastrophic events that will ultimately bring a new beginning to humanity.

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