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Ellen Mc Donough10-31-19 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Ellen Mc Donough

Ellen like most of the authors and healers who have been on the show have searched for ways to explore energy and utilize it for maximum potential for healing and for personal growth. Ellen Mc Donough an artist and creator of Pure Light which is Reiki –infused music for relaxation and meditation but further enhanced with frequencies to attract abundance that may help to revitalize the body, attract a soulmate, release limiting beliefs clear dark energy and more. We will discuss a new technology called, “frequency-infused audios “also called energy transmissions in which audios are encoded with high spiritual frequencies and pure intentions to shift or create virtually anything in life. We may find that this is the latest in consciousness technology and the beginning of a new trend adopted by some of the world’s top energy healers.

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