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Judy Erel author of Dancing with Cancer08-22-19 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Judy Erel author of Dancing with Cancer

Judy offers friendly hopeful guidance for every cancer challenge from diagnosis through radiation chemotherapy surgery or in her case a bone marrow transplant leading to remission. Judy Erel will share her account of living with the diagnosis of incurable bone marrow cancer and offer her detailed instructions for Thought Work and exercises to create a positive proactive mindset that maximizes recovery potential and supports conventional cancer treatments. Judy is a painter poet art teacher meditation guide and healing coach. Judy shares some practices for Returning to Life and writes:
Practice patience in the realization that there is no choice but to accept the rhythm of what is. Success means reaching the next challenge and being healthy means having to give up “being sick” which isn’t always easy. The transition from sick to healthy may need a weaning period just like getting beyond drug dependence.

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