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07-12-18 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Dr. Emma Mardin author of Mind Body Diabetes a practical resource book which offers information and support to enable you to stop diabetes emotionally and physically. For Emma, it all began when she was ten years old. She’d been unwell for some time, going back and forth to the doctor’s surgery as it is called in England. One evening she was rushed to hospital, severely dehydrated, with excruciating stomach cramps. Underweight and literally dying of thirst, to the point she became unconscious… Well, you know the drill she woke up, hooked up to drips and beeping machinery, and saw a nurse sitting by my side. The nurse asked how she was, and for some reason Emma automatically replied, ‘Good, thanks’. She thinks that she just figured she wasn’t dead, and felt unbelievably better than before. The nurse then went on to tell Emma she had something called ‘diabetes’

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