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Annie Mattingley09-18-19 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Annie Mattingley author of The After Death Chronicles

Listen as Annie shares her communication with her daughter Randi and many other stories by contributors to the book who have been blessed to experience what is hard to put into words, a visit from a departed relative. Yet for those who have been touched by the spirit of a loved one the feeling and closeness and truth will never be lost as life is never lost only transmuted into another essence of life. Annie Mattingley begins the book with a chapter entitled Randi Is that You? And with the quote for that chapter shares a beautiful look at what may be seen throughout the many stories shared in additional chapters by those who experience an After Death Connection which adds a new layer or awareness a dimension of reality that previously may have been unexpected or unexplored, but cannot be denied any longer.

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