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Anna Raimondi02-21-19 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Anna Raimondi

Anna is a like minded soul guided author of Conversations with Mary who will offer her channeled readings from the Divine Mother offering messages of love healing hope and unity for everyone. Anna thinks back to an earlier time in childhood and shares a story that was an indication of her life work and interests. Anna writes, “At age five on a spring afternoon in the backyard of her suburban Long Island home Anna Raimondi had a profound experience. A contemplative child she slid her body into the small grotto that once held a statue of Mother Mary. As she sat reveling in nature her body was flooded with a wondrous feeling of pure peace and nurturing love. Then suddenly, Mother Mary was there, smiling and gazing at her with wide mahogany eyes. She looked nothing like the pictures in church but Anna knew she was the Blessed Mother of Jesus. In a gentle, yet strong voice Mary spoke, “Anna I am here for you always. Always come to me.”

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