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Sherry Stirling Fernandez07-28-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Sherry Stirling Fernandez author of Life Mastery which shows readers that if they are not progressing to a better version of themselves, they cannot achieve a true sense of joy nor the fulfillment of their personal life and soul goals. Sherry shares her earlier childhood family chaos and how she knew she was destined for great things and believed in her personal potential to achieve the best life for herself family and in her work experiences. We will be guided to understand the keys to embark on the quest for self-empowerment…the determination of your WHY or your goals, The WHAT- what need your focus and attention to achieve Life Mastery in eight different aspects of your life. And the HOW—getting an assessment of where you are: what goals and action steps to take and the habits you need to instill or replace.

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